Joe Cano

Joe Cano

Joe Cano was born 4/10/56 in San Antonio, Texas.

 In a world of specialization and computer enhanced talent, it is refreshing to be treated to the spellbinding rapture and spirit of music created by a virtuoso; a living legend with the depth, background and complexity that brings audiences to tears and to their feet.  


 Joe Cano, internationally known for his repertoire of musical styles and ethnic fusion, has played guitar seemingly since birth. Taught, tutored and gene enhanced by his father, a professional guitarist of the same name, Joe Cano was performing with Jorge Santana while he was still a teenager. 

   Stints with George Benson, Sheila E, Tom Scott, and Al Di Meola have only further secured his reputation as one of the worlds finest guitarist. Couple this with over 300 songs written and produced, as well as numerous world tours, Joe Cano is someone to be respected and heard. 


Because it is in the hearing, the actual art of listening, that the nuances of emotion and intrigue that exists between the fingers of the guitarist and the ears of the audience can the spectrum of this individual's talent be truly appreciated Moving seamlessly from Jazz to Reggae to Classical to Salsa to Blue Grass to Flamenco to Soul to Polka .
Joe Cano can take you there, with style, class, sophistication and first-class accommodations. His is a talent of the
millennium, for you will experience this level of talent only once in a thousands years. 
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